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On 11th of December 2020, marks its 5th anniversary! It is time to reflect on our work and celebrate the achievements of ANRD as a strong voice in sustainable rural development in Albania. ANRD has implemented important advocacy initiatives for effective policies that are closer to the inhabitants of rural communities, designed, understood and implemented together with the people in the territory. To achieve this, ANRD strives to play an active role in the reform processes of the agriculture and rural development sector, in particular in aligning with European Community-led Local Development policy. On this special day, we would like to announce that ANRD in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Tirana will organize the Second Albanian Rural Parliament on March 3-5, 2021. We look forward to marking another milestone in our joint efforts in sustainable rural development. [Read here on 5 years ANRD]



📌As part of the initiatives undertaken by the youth, students from the Gymnasium ‘Isa Boletini’, Vora held a two-day activity to present local practices for the tourist guide. The expected result of the event was The strengthening of new groups and their ability to influence as drivers of change in the local development process for the evaluation of the territory. For World Mountain Day, dt. 11th of December 2020, the launch of the pilot activity took place. The symbolism of the event is related to a momentous title “ANRD Youth Hub”, implemented a year ago. The current seeks new momentum on the anniversary of the creation of the Rural Youth Hub and Youth Hub is moving in its course, adding to its content young people full of hope. [FIRST ANNIVERSARY]


The "Blue Buckets" initiative undertaken by the Dorcas Aid International Foundation is a campaign dedicated to mobilizing the community to bring to attention the needs of the elderly in difficult living conditions! 370 buckets full of food were distributed to the elderly on the eve of the holidays as part of the Adopt a Granny- Community Safety Nets project. With the motto "Together we can make a difference", the Dorcas organization encourages people to contribute to the initiative. [Visit the initiative Facebook page]


SHIJA E VERIUT || Reggio Terzo Mondo (RTM)

SHIJA E VERIUT – Territory and Products Just a Click Away. Thanks to the “Alliance for the Development and Enhancement of Family Farming in Northern Albania” project, the website of the Shija and Veriut brand [The flavor of the North] is now online and collects information and contacts regarding the agro- food, nature and tourism in the municipalities of Vau Dejës, Pukë and Fushë Arrëz in northern Albania. For more, visit the website of [Shija e Veriut] or click on the picture to use QR Scan!

WEBINAR “Rural Trends and Solutions” || PREPARE

We are happy to had the Webinar “Rural trends and Solution” (Finished). Where is rural going? Is urbanisation turning into ruralisation? The webinar tries to look into trends, the cost of these trends and the readiness of change management in politics and decisionmaking. Digital and technolocical transition are key factors for the future of Rural Europe – possibilities, obstacles and equal availability are discussed. [Find the full post], along with webinar presentations.



The Development Policy Foundation in Poland in partnership with the Albanian Network for Rural Development organized a series of very interesting webinars on the rural agenda entitled: "Entrepreneurial Polish Success". Topics include: Support mechanisms (grants); Structure models; Bio-certification; branding; Technology and Innovation; Food Safety; Networking. In December, two interviews were conducted with Polish experts published on Albanian portals. Follow the first with DibraON and the second with Info Elbasani!


On November 4-6, 2020, the Albanian Network for Rural Development welcomed the Kosovo Rural Development Network on a study visit. The program started in Dajç, Zadrimë, in an introductory meeting on the human resources of the territory by COSPE. The second day continued with the departure to the city of roses, Përmet for the acquaintance with the staff and the activity of Cesvi Albania in the sustainable local development. On the third day, Elona Bejo told about the amazing history of the Grand Albanik Farm. Guide from ANRD: Gent Imeraj. [Check the post]


Upcoming Activities

Be part of different activities at national and regional level dedicated to rural development. In this section, YOU will be introduced to various options. You are welcome to participate, contribute and exhibit your skills and knowledge in these activities.

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Third Call for Applications
until 25 January 2021

The Agricultural and Rural Development Agency has opened the third call for applications in the IPARD II Program. This call finances Measure 1 and Measure 3. The duration of submission of applications will be until January 25, 2021. The submission of applications will be done at the headquarters of ARDA in Tirana, and/or by mail. You will find the information and application forms on the official ARDA website -
Successful applications!
Call for Journalists Contest
until 18 January 2021

NAGE project announces a Call for contest for independent media and journalists to research and promote best green economy or environmentally safe rural business practices. The project motivates and encourages journalists or the media to compete with new, unpublished research stories in the field of green economy only in written form, supported by relevant photographs/illustrations.
[Check the call]
A Journey
Albanian Rural Parliament II
3-5 March 2021

Articulated as an idea in 2016, the “Rural Parliament” became a project where everyone started believing and is now starting to turn into a comprehensive practice to promote and undertake the necessary bottom-up reforms aimed at reviving and revitalizing rural areas. Following the 1st Rural Parliament (September 2017), ANRD in cooperation with UBT will organize the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament on 3-5 March 2021.
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ENVER ISUFI - Work reflected in the human attitude

While he has spent 44 years as an agronomist in the village, this autobiography of Prof. Isufi starts with 3 years when he worked in the former cooperative of Kryevidhi. One of the achievements he proudly shares is "Organizing plant protection based on observation signaling", a system that has spread throughout Albania. Then for the next 21 years, the professor devoted himself to working at the Institute of Plant Protection, Durres where he founded the Sector of Integrated Plant Protection. As a member of the Organic Agriculture Movement for more than 20 years, Prof. Isufi founded the Organic Agriculture Association "BioAdria" and the Institute of Organic Agriculture (IBB), a member organization of ANRD since 2017. "All these activities have been in the function of the development of agriculture and the civilization of the village (what is called rural development)" says the professor with passion. He recalls how in cooperation with the COSPE association led by Ms. Rozeta Mihali they implemented the project on organic agriculture in the area of Zadrima. With the aim of supporting agro-tourism with certified products, a group of farmers was created, who are currently applying organic farming standards. Their farms supply products to the well-known agro-tourist farm "Mrizi i Zanave". IBB provides advice, training and publications in support of good agricultural practices in organic farming. The professor also promotes and supports the education of young people with the concepts of organic farming. He points to successful collaborations with ANRD member associations, such as RASP, in a project focusing on the creation of organic production modules in the Balkan region, which are used by young people in the Balkans dedicated to organic farming. Territorial marketing is another contribution of Prof. Isufi. The love and passion for the Durrës region constantly motivates him to promote the resources and products of the area. In October 2020, after a tireless work of Prof. Isufi with the Rural Development Association of Ishem Durrës, the fair of agricultural products of the area, traditional cuisine and handicrafts and artistic products was opened. IBB helped organize the fair, especially in identifying and labeling products and promoting them, etc. In recent years Prof. Isufi gives his active contribution to the Albanian Network for Rural Development in unifying the interests and priorities of local communities. At this year-end, the Network wishes from the bottom of the heart health and a clear mind for the professor to continue to give its valuable contribution to organic agriculture and rural development.