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📌As part of the initiatives undertaken by the youth, students from the Gymnasium ‘Isa Boletini’, Vora held a two-day activity to present local practices for the tourist guide. The expected result of the event was The strengthening of new groups and their ability to influence as drivers of change in the local development process for the evaluation of the territory.
For World Mountain Day, dt. 11th of December 2020, the launch of the pilot activity took place. The symbolism of the event is related to a momentous title “ANRD Youth Hub”, implemented a year ago.
Rural Youth Hub has its genesis on 11th of December 2019, International Mountain Day, when the motto of the year was #MountainYouth. Having most of the rural region being mountainous areas, the right time seemed to have come for this blossom. Through a 3-day travelling workshop, 20 young people had the chance to network and by guidance, develop a declaration stating: “We have stopped writing unfinished letters.” Being an enthusiastic initiative, the focus of the first youth hub meeting was to bring rural youth closer together.
In the conditions of quarantine and restriction of movements and economic activities, this group conducted a webinar that aimed to gain a real understanding of the difficult situation that rural youth, including young entrepreneurs, young people from remote rural communities, etc. are experiencing in this time of crisis. Among other things, the webinar answered the questions: How can the many challenges faced by rural communities and especially rural youth be addressed? What European models and good practices can help address the challenges?

The present calls for a move, another shake-up on the anniversary of the Rural Youth Hub. Amaze is the beauty in motion. Youth Hub is moving in its course, adding young people filled with hope to its content. The agenda of the first day was divided into 3 sessions with topics: “The Nature of Guidance”, “The Morphology of a Model Tour” and “WORKSHOP: Human Acupuncture”.


📝During the activity on the second day, the young people got more information about the history of Preza and visited the historic Castle of the city.

💡These experiences help in the process of orienting careers for young people and exploring which directions they want to follow in the future.

This event is made possible on behalf of the project “Building Sustainable Communities Against Violent Extremism” through the “Community Center School” model with financial support from the US Embassy in Tirana, implemented by the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. Partners in the realization of this event: Albanian Network for Rural Development; Albanian Alps Alliance; Butterfly Camping