Europe in Rural Albania

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IT IS COMING: The 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament - The European Perspective of Rural Albania

The Albanian Rural Parliament (ARP) is an initiative of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) and represents an advocacy, capacity building and networking platform dedicated to rural development. Following the 1st Albanian Rural Parliament (September 2017) and, in response to the current challenges of agricultural and rural development, the ANRD in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT) are organizing the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament on April 2-3, 2020. [Read More]

“Articulated as an idea in 2016, the "Rural Parliament" has become a project that everyone has come to believe in and is now beginning to become an inclusive practice aimed at revitalizing and reactivating rural areas.”

Sotiraq HRONI
Chairman of the Board - ANRD

The European Agenda for Rural and Agricultural Development in Albania: Progress and future Challenges

The Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) with the support of the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), organized on January 15, 2020 at the premises of the EU House the Round Table 'The European Rural and Agricultural Development Agenda in Albania: Progress and Future Challenges '. About 40 participants, including senior representatives, members of the IPARD II, key donors, representatives of ANRD member organizations and other active actors of rural and agricultural development attended this roundtable. [Read more]

Consultative meeting on IPARD New Measures

The Managing Authority at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized the Consultative Meeting on the second IPARD package of measures on February 20, 2020 at the EU House premises. The Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) participates in the consultation. [Read more]


ATTENTION PLEASE: ANRD opens Photo Contest “Rural Braid: Strings that wave human with nature"

In the frame of the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament a photo-story contest is launched. The contest aims to explore the perspective of young Albanians on the rural environment and how humans interact with nature. Participating in the competition is very simple. Moreover, symbolic incentives are not lacking either. [Read more]


Be part of different activities at national and regional level dedicated to rural development. In this section, YOU will be introduced to various options. You are welcome to participate, contribute and exhibit your skills and knowledge in these activities.

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Rural March
Regional Rural Forums
6, 13, 20, 27 March 2020

Within the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament (2-3 April 2020), the Albanian Network for Rural Development will organize four Regional Rural Forums throughout March. The four forums will be organized successively to generate momentum for the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament on April 2-3, which will conclude stakeholder advocacy efforts at all levels. [Read more]
Call for Participation
“Green Economy and Entrepreneurship”
Durrës, 12-13 March 2020

In the frame of NAGE project - ‘Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy’ - ANRD opens the Call for Participation in the two-day National Training "Green Economy and Entrepreneurship". The purpose of the training is to increase the capacity of civil society representatives to know the basic principles and practices of green economy and entrepreneurship, to apply the concept of green industry. Application deadline is March 4, 2020, 12 PM. [Read more]
The progress of IPARD II program
To whom it may concern
2014 - 2020

The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD) focuses on rural areas and the agri-food sector of the Western Balkan countries. Through this program, the European Union provides financial and technical assistance to the countries of the Western Balkans with the aim of making the agricultural sector and rural areas more sustainable as well as aligning them with the EU Common Agricultural Policy. [Read more]

Edited by: Gent IMERAJ
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Despite her profession as a teacher, Liljana ISAKAJ has been working as a coordinator for ADAD Malore for many years. ADAD is a member organization of ANRD, with 25 years of experience and consolidated profile in mountainous areas development such as Dibra, Korca, Kukes, Malesia e Madhe, Shkodra etc. Liljana has been at the forefront of many initiatives and projects that have supported farmers in mountainous area in terms of production, processing, promotion, diversification and evaluation. Liliana not only represents a member of an agricultural family but her work and dedication to helping rural women have made her the epitome of a rural woman. Programs such as the “Assessment of Women and their Typical Mountain Area Products” included under the brand “Heart of the Mountain” make her feel proud to have contributed to the economic empowerment of rural women and girls. Being gender sensitive, as March started and Women day approaches, ANRD wants to thank Liljana for her contribution to rural development and especially to rural women. Liljana's story inspires and encourages all actors to empower rural women and girls for sustainable development and a better and peaceful future.