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About Anrd

Albanian Network for Rural Development – Anrd

About Anrd

Albanian Network for Rural Development – Anrd

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Welcome to the webpage of the Albanian Network for Rural Development!   

Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) – a civil society initiative to promote and revive community-led rural development through advocacy and initiatives in the formulation and implementation of sustainable rural development policies with the final aim improvement of the quality of life of rural communities in Albania – was established end of December 2015 crowning successful years’ of efforts. 

Started with the aim to empower civil society and promote cooperation at national level for rural development, promote dialogue, trust and collaboration among local, governmental and other stakeholders involved in local development, strengthen and representing rural communities to actively engage in decision-making processes for sustainable rural development:

On June 05, 2015, fourteen civil society organisations with consolidated profile in rural development in Albania, held their meeting in the frame of the establishment of the Albanian Rural Network. Based on the positive European practices and models in the field of rural development, obligations and responsibilities of non-public actors in undertaking and implementing concrete initiatives which serve to the country rural development, they agreed on the establishment and functioning of this structure.

On September 26, 2015, two of the initiating organisations for the establishment of the Rural Network, Agro Puka and Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), organised in Puke the national conference “Networking for Rural Development in Albania”. The conference, bringing together representatives of civil society and other public institutions, was transformed into a platform to discuss and agree the establishment of the Albanian Network for Rural Development.

On December 11, 2015, with decision no. 5216, the Albanian Network for Rural Development was registered at Tirana District Court, with the status of non-governmental organisation. The Network is a membership organisation.

Since December 2015, twenty-one organisations became Network’s members, joining ANRD efforts to advocate and lobby for effective rural policies which are closer to rural communities’ residents, designed with the participation of local communities, understood and implemented with people on the ground.

In line with European Union policy on community-led local development, the Network applies the participatory and bottom-up approach to advance the national rural agenda.

Currently, the Network is member of both, the Balkan Network for Rural Development and PREPARE (Partnership for Rural Europe).

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