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Our people

Albanian Network for Rural Development – ANRD

Our people

Albanian Network for Rural Development – ANRD

ANRD member organizations are among the strengths of the Albanian Network for  Rural Development – ANRD. They are led and staffed by dedicated, extremely skilled and experienced people who share a common vision about the future of rural communities and the role of civil society in shaping it.

Meet our people who are the best resource of the Albanian Network for Rural Development – ANRD

Pier Paolo AMBORSI

Pioneer of the Albanian Rural Development! Pier Paolo Ambrosi, born in Italy (Casaleone-VR) on 08.08.1948, is what can be defined as one of a kind.
Since young devoted to the solidarity and equal development of the different population in the world, he studied Franc Language at the University of Verona and right after his degree he started his long and fruitful career in the development world.
He worked in different African countries and his passion for the filed work with missionaries and rural communities has been always shared by his wife and his family, supporting him in every challenge and adventure undertaken. Not to be surprised, his first son was born in Senegal, while his fourth and last son, during his long Albanian experience.
Pier Paolo Arrived in Albania in 1991 as 1st study mission from Caritas Italiana. An experience that should have finished in 3 months, but that continues still now, after 29 years, full of love, interest and respect for this special country.
He has been the first to start a community “furre buke” in the Region of Shkoder, as well as different cooperatives and crops cultivation in the centre of Albania, giving the 1st hints for the Albanian Rural Development that we all are experiencing now.
Community Led Local Development and LEADER Approach have been key words in his work with Caritas, LVIA and VIS, applied both in urban and rural context. Together with VIS, the first official urban plan for Tirana (more specifically for the area of Breglumasi) has been drafted and thanks to the support of the Italian Cooperation, the initiatives of VIS in Malësi e Madhe started in 2009, contributing to the strong development of the area, nowadays well known by the government and the numerous Albanian and foreign visitors.
Pier Paolo is a reference point in the cooperation and development world, with a key and irreplaceable role also in the introduction of Slow Food in the country and founding member of ANRD.
His deep knowledge of the Albanian History, his respect for each person he meets and the readiness of help whoever asks for support, his conviction that foreigners need to learn Albanian and not the contrary as well as his believe in the good heart of people, are an example of how all together we should contribute to the sustainable development of Albania.


A woman in love with the North!  When you look at Rozeta, you can easily notice her smiling portrait and the dynamism that emanates from her. She has been working with dedication for more than 20 years with the Italian Association COSPE – Cooperation for the Development of Countries in Emergency Situations, which contributes to the development of rural territories of Northern Albania from the Zadrima Plain to the Municipality of Vau i Dejes, Shkodra, Fushë Arrëzit, Puka, Lezha etc. Born in Tirana, she graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Tirana, later specializing home and abroad for the sustainable development of communities and the management of international projects.
The long and passionate work on the ground implementation of projects in rural territories has made Rozeta know firsthand and be connected with the whole economic and social development chain of these areas starting from the inter-municipal planning of regional policies and local strategies, capacity building for public institutions and those of agricultural vocational education, promotion of organic agriculture and its organized forms, rural tourism models as well as support for women and young farmers engaged in agriculture.
For the time being, her greatest passion remains the Local Genetic Bank of the Community, set up near the High Vocational School “Ndre Mjeda” Bushat, Shkodra, the first of its kind in Albania, in which an inventory of about 160 indigenous varieties of vegetables, beans, cereals has been created for the purpose of preserving, producing and distributing them to the surrounding farmers, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and local tradition – an invaluable cultural and material heritage for the next generations.
Rozeta speaks lovingly of the rural communities and territories of Northern Albania she has worked across: “They are very rich in customs, history, communication models that respect the working man as well as help and exchange with each other. These areas conserve the traditions and knowledge of the past generations for agricultural works, following the lunar cycle for pruning, planting or other works, preserving their autochthonous seeds thus contributing to the diversity of products and local heritage of different varieties.
Her challenge for the coming years is to contribute that these rural communities be represented, supported, and have their voice in local institutions, as well as become more and more aware of the strong role they have for the development of rural areas.


Viola Bogdani is engaged at Dorcas Aid International Shqipëri since 2008 and actually she holds the position of a Programme Manager. Viola finished her college studies on English Language and later she did her MSC on Leadership and Human Resource Management. Dorcas is an international organization operating in Albania since the ‘90-ies and its activity is based in Korca, Elbasan and Tropoja. Among other sectors, the organization is included in rural development, farmers empowerment and mobilization and empowerment of local communities as well. The involvement of Viola in rural development has been related to her engagement in three levels: national, regional and international. Viola has been active and has contributed to the preparation of the Strategic Plan for the rural development of “Prespa e Vogël” area, as well as in the development of other initiatives and activities in the area since 2011. She has voluntarily supported the Albania- North Macedonia cross-border project “SWG-RRD”. In regards to this, Viola has been the president of the stakeholder working group Albania-North Macedonia for the period 2014-2018. Viola has offered special contribution to ANRD since 2017. She has been representing ANRD in the Gender Equality Hub, a non-formalized structure for women empowerment in rural development on Balkan level since 2018. Viola represents one of the five first certified trainers in Albania for the “LEADER” approach. She says that, if our local communities will embrace LEADER approach as one of the rural development components in Albania, they will be vitalized and developed economically as well as bocome more active, increase the capacities of local communities and take ownership of their regions’ development. Viola strongly believes in the power of cooperation of different actors in community and she thinks that real change happens only this way.


Prof. Dr. Tatjana Dishnica has a special connection with rural areas, almost throughout her life. Her academic and professional journey has connected her with the rural areas in different ways. Initially as a student at the High Institute of Agriculture, then as an agronomist in production where she worked for thirteen years in the rural areas of Berat. While she was working, Tatjana began performing experiments for completing her dissertation. During this time, Tatjana met many incredible rural people and among them extraordinary women, which were always cheerful despite the hardship and extremely fatigue in agricultural work. As director of the Agricultural Research Institute and extension services, Tatjana contributed for twenty years in many directions. Such a long-term commitment allowed her to network, collaborate and exchange with hundreds of researchers and extensionists from rural areas across the country. In recent years, Tatjana returned to the Agricultural University of Tirana as a lecturer. This shift in her professional journey, while she finds herself among students, future agronomists or economists – has renewed Tatjana’s commitment to sustainable rural development. Throughout her dynamic and admirable professional engagement, Tatjana has been involved in numerous collaborations with local and international experts, in training, professional memberships, publications, conferences in Albania and abroad, etc., all in the field of agriculture. Lately, Tatjana gives a vital contribution also in civil society sector. She runs an organization, a member organization of ANRD, that focuses in support of rural women. As Tatjana currently takes care of the trees and flowers of the garden of her childhood home, her relationship with agriculture and plants will last a lifetime. An active life, nearly 45 years in the service of rural development, that contributes considerable to the country economy, irrespective of the little attention paid to the development of rural areas. According to Tatjana “no one so far has been able to find the real key to unlock and solve the problems of this important sector of the economy that is blessed by the geographical position of our country”.

Liljana ISAKAJ

Despite her profession as a teacher, Liljana ISAKAJ has been working as a coordinator for ADAD Malore for many years. ADAD is a member organization of ANRD, with 25 years of experience and consolidated profile in mountainous areas development such as Dibra, Korca, Kukes, Malesia e Madhe, Shkodra etc. Liljana has been at the forefront of many initiatives and projects that have supported farmers in mountainous area in terms of production, processing, promotion, diversification and evaluation.
Liliana not only represents a member of an agricultural family but her work and dedication to helping rural women have made her the epitome of a rural woman. Programs such as the “Assessment of Women and their Typical Mountain Area Products” included under the brand “Heart of the Mountain” make her feel proud to have contributed to the economic empowerment of rural women and girls. Being gender sensitive, as March started and Women day approaches, ANRD wants to thank Liljana for her contribution to rural development and especially to rural women. Liljana’s story inspires and encourages all actors to empower rural women and girls for sustainable development and a better and peaceful future.


President of “Albanian Alps Alliance” organization. Petrit is a project leader, lector of different conferences, trainings, forums, etc. He, self-tried to create “a significant painting for the North Albanian Alps”. Professional guide, licensed for ecotourism and nature tourism (wildlife research), referenced by the most prestigious tourist guides on the Planet. Author and co-author of several articles of didactic-scientific and informational character in domestic and foreign print media (maps, guides, scientific articles, etc.). Implementer – author of personal photo-exhibitions on the natural values of the mountainous region in Albania, England, Germany, Czech Republic. On December 11, 2019, World Mountain Day, Petriti said in the media: “#MountainsMatter these years is the call to the young people of the mountains, #MountainsYouth”.



Nikolini is engaged as Project Coordinator at Agrinet Albania which operates in the field of agriculture, supporting of small and medium farmers as well as in the field of rural development. He is currently pursuing post-graduate qualifications for a doctoral school in the field of plant protection. Nikolini has a special contribution in helping and supporting farmers in the Korca area. Nikolini has also played an important role in mobilizing local actors in the process of consolidating the Egnatia forum, as an important part of the rural movement for effective policies for the sustainable development of rural communities. He says “To feel fulfilled in yourself you must always be engaged towards the need of development”.

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