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“Pro Përmet” Association is a voluntary union of natural persons, agro-food producers and active subjects in the tourism and accommodation sector, as well as subjects with craft activities that exercise their activity in the territory of the Municipality of Përmet, Municipality of Këlcyrë and other part of the District.

“Pro Përmet” Association aims to fulfill these main objectives:

  • Territorial promotion, tourism development through the promotion of typical agro-food and craft products, the development of reception and accommodation structures as well as the preservation of the environment;
  • Realization of joint economic activities in the field of food production and marketing of agricultural products;
  • Provide knowledge and information to all interested and involved entities, to ensure better integration, higher quality and better marketing strategies;
  • Ensure a sustainable and rational management of the entire territory in the development of activities and economic objectives.

More specifically, “Pro Përmet” Association aims:

  • Collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, national and international projects and programs operating in the country to achieve common goals for the introduction of advanced technologies;
  • Encouraging and organizing activities related to production, trade and marketing of members’ products and services;
  • To organize activities and to undertake initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of civil society on the importance of environmental protection;
  • Registration of “Pro Përmet” as a geographical origin mark, which represents the territory and members of the consortium etc;
  • Be a factor in the creation of unification and cooperation of local realities;
  • To be organizer and supporter of activities such as: courses, trainings, cultural activities, eno-gastronomic meetings that are closely related to the activity of the association in Përmet district.