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Albanian Network for Rural Development


Welcome to the website of  Albanian Network for Rural Development!

Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) is a non-governmental, independent organization registered with the Decision no. 5216, on December 11, 2015 of Tirana District Court. ANRD is a membership organization.

Fields of activities:

  1. Advocacy, support and facilitation of community led local development;
  2. Support and promotion of the bottom-up approach in the local development areas;
  3. Support actors to design and implement the agricultural and rural development programmes and strategies;
  4. Support and establishment of partnerships between public actors, business and civil society;
  5. Support, advocate and facilitate in the collaboration, cooperation and networking in various development areas;
  6. Scientific research, innovation, research, observation and promotion of rural development;
  7. Research, study, awareness, advocacy and lobbying for legal and political issues of rural development;
  8. Protection of interest of the members of the Network;
  9. Support and facilitation of collaboration of members with similar regional and European associations and networks.



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