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Rural communities have an extraordinary role and contribution to the social and economic progress of our country. We are aware of the abundant natural resources and cultural heritage of rural communities, as well as their importance in food security and biodiversity protection. However, we remain concerned about the loss of livelihoods, exodus, the impact of climate change, the shrinking local economy, poverty and social exclusion. Furthermore, the existing policies have proven to be ineffective in promoting sustainable rural development and unfulfilled expectations in the implementation of European policies for sustainable local development, such as the Leader approach.

Continuing our efforts to advance local democracy, and social inclusion, and to promote progress in European integration, on October 11-13, the Albanian Network for Rural Development and our 34 member organizations in partnership with the Agricultural University of Tirana in the framework of the 3rd Albanian Rural Parliament, brought together nearly 600 different stakeholders. The third edition of the event was organized under the theme “Life springs from the village”, emphasizing the importance of supporting rural economies, investing in infrastructure, education and creating opportunities for young people within their communities.

We are delighted to share with you the Declaration of the Third Albanian Rural Parliament —an important document arising from the discussions during the 3rd Albanian Rural Parliament the 2023. This nationwide gathering prepared the ground for dialogue and concrete cooperation among stakeholders, to analyze the reality and better understand the needs and problems to reflect on the vision and priorities as well as collective actions aimed at improving the quality of life in rural communities throughout the country.

We invite you to read the Declaration and reflect how you, along with other stakeholders, can harness its recommendations to effect tangible change for the well-being of rural communities.

Click here to download the Declaration in English/Albanian