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The European Commission has launched on 7 September 2020 a public consultation on its new initiative for a long-term vision for rural areas (until 2040). This consultation aims to gather ideas and perspectives on the current challenges of the rural community. The consultation also explores opportunities, innovative solutions, inclusiveness and sustainability in the context and climate change, digital transformation and COVID-19 crises.

This public consultation is a first step towards a Commission Communication on the topic, to be published mid-2021. This Communication will aim to support a debate at European level on the future of rural areas and the place they should have in our society. The public consultation on your thoughts and viewpoints will remain open until 30th of November, 2020.
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We recommend this information to be shared as widely as possible among your networks / partners at the national, regional and local levels. Also, please be a contributor to the process to express your problems, challenges and vision for the future of rural communities.

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