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The Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) in the framework of the Project “Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy” – NAGE organized on October 15, 2020 in Roskovec the activity “Green Entrepreneurship Caravan II” which coincided with the International Day of Rural Women. The Green Caravan and the celebration of International Rural Women’s Day merged into the “Pro Rural Women II” event, an annual activity of ANRD that this year focused on empowering rural women through green enterprise.

In this edition, Green Caravan travelled to the municipality of Roskovec to highlight socio-economic empowerment of women through social and green business. More than 50 participants mainly women, travelled together from Tirana, Puka and Korça to Roskovec discussing and exchanging views and ideas on the challenges faced by rural women and the opportunities to increase their contribution as change agents in the family and in the communities where they live. The participants consisted of women farmers, green entrepreneurs, representatives from local and central government institutions, academia, journalists, rural activists, member organizations of ANRD, rural CSOs etc.

The participants were introduced to good practices related to efforts of local government, civil society and local communities to boost rural women employment using the endogenous potential and resources of rural areas. After attending the plenary session held at the Cultural Center of Roskovec, participants visited the biological soap workshop, an enterprise supported by the Municipality of Roskovec and SDI (Social Development Initiative) project aiming to help local women work jointly on local socio-economic regeneration ensuring at the same time implementation of principles of sustainability and circular economy through use of olive oil and pomace for the production of soap, shampoo and other cosmetic byproducts.

Part of the event was also a mini fair with green and ethical products from rural women producer’s groups supported by ANRD member organizations AgroPuka and AgriNet. Finally participants attended a work lunch that was served in the green area of Luara, which provided a good opportunity for exchange of experiences, networking and identification of partnerships.