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To donate to the crowdfunding campaign of Albanian Network for Rural Development “You are not alone! Support livelihoods for the women living in the rural communities today and they will provide for themselves, their family and community for the entire life!”  is a concrete step to support the most vulnerable part of rural women: ladies, mothers, women and girls who are off the radar of public, donors’ and other institutions’ support, due to marital status, lack of property, limited credit opportunities, scarce information as well as lack of networking and contacts.

Help us change the lives of rural women for the better!

This initiative will go hand in hand with a process of identification of women and girls belonging to vulnerable community groups, carried out by ANRD member organizations working in different geographical areas, in cooperation with local government, with a special focus on remote rural areas. Through a simple registration procedure women and girls from rural areas will apply for small funds.

The support will help provide them sustainable livelihoods and diversify their income by helping them provide the means to start and / or expand their agricultural, handicraft, rural tourism, etc. activities.

The campaign will remain open and we will keep you informed about any donations. The results will be regularly presented on the ANRD website ensuring transparency in the management of fundraising.

Rural women and girls in Albania represent the most vital part of agricultural and rural development sector and their contribution is invaluable. Rural women contribute to and sustain the well-being of their families, community life and beyond, even though their contribution is often underestimated and unpaid. It is a fact that rural women are poor, but compared to men in rural areas and women in urban areas they are even poorer. They experience low access to basic public services, infrastructure, markets, technology and information. Even lower is rural women’s access to farm ownership and management; they are undereducated and underrepresented in social, economic and political life.

Becoming part of the “You are not alone” campaign means helping to provide new opportunities and empower the most invisible and forgotten share of rural women.

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