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Project duration: May-October 2022

The proposed project intends to support Radomire village to increase its territorial competitiveness toward promotion of sustainable economic growth. The objective of the action is providing new opportunities for the development of the local economy through development of eco-tourism in Radomira village as an opportunity for the community in the area. The project will also focus on development and promoting new tourism products in the Radomira touristic village with direct involvement of local communities.


The project will seek to boost sustainable tourism development in the village of Radomire and surrounding localities as a way to encourage local communities to explore new ways to become or remain competitive, respecting the local distinctiveness of the area, fully engaging local people and building stronger local communities to overcome limited employment opportunities in the area. The main central issue is about local assets, resources, people and territorial potentials that feed the tourism offer of the Diber area and simultaneously create added value to the offer and generate additional income source for local population.


The project will make efforts to increase the access to key natural attractions in the area either through environmentally-friendly small-scale infrastructure, or information and promotion regarding local touristic attractions and local typical products. In addition, enhanced local capacities and improved quality standards promoted tourism assets/sites/products will boost

tourism development and increase access of local economic activities.