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Volontari nel Mondo RTM is a non-governmental organisation for international volunteering. Since 1973, it has promoted international solidarity and cooperation projects in Africa, the Balkans, Latin America, and the Middle East as well as information, awareness-raising, and development education activities in Italy.

Our mission is to promote the dignity of the person, protect their fundamental rights, and carry out economic and social development while respecting the people and the environment. We carry out mid-term and long-term interventions with the active participation of local partners, beneficiaries, and communities. Our strength lies in the volunteers working both abroad (in development projects) and in Italy (in awareness-raising, global citizenship education, and fundraising activities).

RTM arrived in Albania for the first time in 1999 to provide assistance for Kosovo refugees that stationed in the area of Vau Dejës. After more than a decade of work in Kosovo, an office in Vau Dejës was re-established and began promoting initiatives focusing on the development of the rural and mountain areas of Vau Dejës, Pukë and Fushë Arrëz.

Since 2014, RTM has been operating in collaboration with civil society organisations, informal groups and other stakeholders at national and local level in supporting empowerment of rural women and youth, providing technical and financial assistance to family-farming businesses, especially strengthening the goat-sheep production chain, as well as kicking-off initiatives to promote typical products and their territories of origin.