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About ANRD

Welcome to the website of  Albanian Network for Rural Development!

Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) is a non-governmental, independent organization registered with the Decision no. 5216, on December 11, 2015 of Tirana District Court. ANRD is a membership organization.


An Albania with vibrant, inclusive, participatory, active and contributing rural communities for the continuous improvement of the quality of life.


The principles promoted by the Network are based in the good European practices:

  1. Sustainable socio and economic rural development, based in the territory and its peculiarities, activating the left behind communities in the development processes through the bottom-up approach that empowers the rural stakeholders and their participation.
  2. The integrated inter-sectoral and multi-stakeholders approach to the benefit of rural development, through networking, exchange of experiences and building of local partnerships using innovative ideas.
  3. Funding and management of local projects through various funding sources as a contribution and attestation of the credibility and importance of projects at the local level.


The Network is established with the aim of articulating e clear, effective and sustainable voice in support of the rural communities according to the community led local development philosophy.

Fields of activities:

To fulfill its vision and aim, the Network works carries out its activities in the following areas:

  1. Advocacy, support and facilitation of community led local development;
  2. Support and promotion of the bottom-up approach in the local development areas;
  3. Support actors to design and implement the agricultural and rural development programmes and strategies;
  4. Support and establishment of partnerships between public actors, business and civil society;
  5. Support, advocate and facilitate in the collaboration, cooperation and networking in various development areas;
  6. Scientific research, innovation, research, observation and promotion of rural development;
  7. Research, study, awareness, advocacy and lobbying for legal and political issues of rural development;
  8. Protection of interest of the members of the Network;
  9. Support and facilitation of collaboration of members with similar regional and European associations and networks.

Read the Statute of the Albanian Network for Rural Development.

How to become a member?

According to the Statute of ANRD, eligible members can be local and national organizations that have their mission and objectives in line with ANRD. Applications should be sent to ANRD Board and the final decision is taken by the Annual General Assembly of its members. For membership criteria, please click here. Further questions on the application can be sent to [email protected].