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Albanian Network for Rural Development General Assembly held its next meeting on June 30, 2016. The agenda included important issues related to the progress, action plans for the future and among others membership issue.

The meeting started with a general introduction on the current progress, focusing on the activities organized in the first sixth months of ANRD establishment:

For more information on ANRD activities, visit the rubric Events.

A special attention had the discussion on the upcoming event, PREPARE Meeting 2016, the first multinational thematic meeting of ALTER project, that will take place from 13 – 17 September in Voskopoja, Korça. ANRD is the host organization of this event, also the newest member of PREPARE Network.

The Assembly reviewed the applications for ANRD membership, where from 10 applications were accepted as new members four organizations working to support rural development in different geographical areas of the country. The four organizations, new members of the network, are as follows:

  • ADAD Malore
  • Agricultural Biological Institute
  • Local Democracy Agency in Albania
  • Creative Business Solutions

The organization of the first Rural Parliament in Albania, in 2017, is an idea already shared with relevant actors. Members discussed on the ways of organization, content and the format that such an event should have, and the themes that should be the focus of this event.