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During May-June 2018, the implementing organizations of the “Networking for participatory rural development” project, reached out to rural communities throughout the 12 districts of the country with regard to identify, encourage and engage in the formulation processes and implementation of rural development policies and instruments, individuals, groups, associations, nucleus and various communities in rural development

The implementing organizations have carried out 12 Local Forums in the twelve regions of the country, by bringing together about 250 participants. Key local community issues and interactive discussion of participating representatives remained the highlights of the forums.

Through the local forums, active actors and local initiatives in rural development (agri-tourism, agri-business, cultural heritage, agriculture and family farms, slow-food, environment, handicrafts, etc.) were identified across the country. Such initiatives show strong local leadership and, the relevant experiences are different: initiated by an individual, in some other cases from the municipality, or by civil society organizations.

The local forums provided a space to meet and recognize the achievements and challenges of participating actors, as well as their opportunities for participation, contribution and advancing of interests of the groups and communities they represent through networking in local and national level.