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During May – July 2017, the Albanian Network for Rural Development carried out six regional workshops titled “Towards a new Rural agenda”. The workshops have been envisaged in the context of the first Albanian Rural Parliament (ARP) 2017, which represents an advocacy, capacity building and networking initiative dedicated to rural development.

The workshops followed the kick-off event of the ARP, which took place on 14 April 2017 at the premises of the Agriculture University of Tirana. The regional workshop was chosen as the method allowing us to meet, inform and consult local actors such as local public authorities, CSOs, farmers’ associations, rural entrepreneurs, local people etc. regarding the advocacy platform i.e rural parliament, challenges and critical issues of rural development.

The workshops aimed to consult with local stakeholders the platform of rural development challenges and among others highlighting the regional differences and specificities of rural development. The workshops lead to an ‘upward cascade of ideas’ which truly draw upon the concerns and hopes of rural people. These ideas will be synthesized at national level, convening the First Albanian Rural Parliament in September 2017.

In total, six regional workshops were carried out, covering the whole territory of Albania, and bringing together nearly 220 participants.