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AgroPUKA is an association of agriculture and livestock producers in Puka district (Northern Albania). AGROPUKA has been established in 2001 with the significant support of Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

AgroPUKA is a producers’ association is well organized and professionally managed by local people. Its activities and projects intend to meet needs of its membership and farmers in general. Members of AgroPUKA contribute for the subsidized services provided such as training and advice and mechanization of agriculture. Cooperation is an important value at AgroPUKA. Groups of interest with orientation to production for the market have been established mainly for seed potato production, rearing of Alpine goats, grape producers and 7 core groups for mechanization of agriculture. One of the most important developments of AgroPUKA association has been the establishment of groups of interest of women for processing of fruits and other products. There are five functional groups of women in the most productive areas of Puka district.