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The Network “Albanian Alps Alliance” represents a union of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Shkodra, active in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity, tourism development, community mobilization, etc.

Acting initially as a non-formal organization, the network has gathered around itself members, interested persons, volunteers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders sharing the same mission, vision  goals and objectives of the Network. All these supporters have been part of the network’s activities, which in most cases are conducted within the region of Albanian Alps, in accordance with the objectives and goals of the organization.

The mission of the Network is to contribute to sustainable environmental and socio-development economic of the Alps through public awareness, involvement of local communities in decision-making and promoting the natural, environmental and traditional values.

“Albanian Alps Alliance” has been a lead applicant and partner of several projects funded by various donors such as the European Union, various Embassies, OSCE and other organizations operating in national and international rankings.