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COSV – Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni del Servizio Volontario is an organization with legal personality, established in Italy in 1968, engaged in carrying out development interventions and humanitarian aid in Europe, the Balkans, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Peace, respect for human rights, environmental protection are the main pillars on which COSV action is focused, pursuing a comprehensive development approach, coordinating with local communities and establishing strategic partnerships  and networking.

COSV në Shqipëri, as a local branch of COSV Italy, is a non-profit organization active in Albania since 2018, currently implementing the ACAP Project – Community Action for the Conservation of Protected Areas of Albania, in the areas Llogara, Tomorr, Bredhi I Hotovës , Vjosë-Nartë. In particular, the main goal of the project is to promote a comprehensive and effective governance model of protected areas, by increasing the engagement and empowerment of civil society organizations, communities and other stakeholders that contribute to the management of the common environmental heritage. In this context, COSV works directly to promote shared forms of decision-making, technical and financial support for environmental conservation, and responsible tourism initiatives promoted by CSOs and local communities. COSV në Shqipëri works to facilitate revitalization of remote and difficult-to-access areas, such as the villages of Ogren and Delvina in Përmet, to promote good community practices, such as waste separation and door-to-door collection among local restaurants in Llogara National Park, and to preserve the protected areas, by increasing the quality of services and the environmental awareness at a national and international level. COSV në Shqipëri works in accordance with the COSV Integrated Programme for the Western Balkans, focusing on the promotion of fair societies and social inclusion, the conservation of natural capital and the support to sustainable economy and tourism.