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The organization: “For Social and Environmental Welfare” Berat was established in 2000 (formerly the Protection of the Natural Environment), as a result of the initiative and will of some young people and intellectuals of the city of Berat. Following the changes followed environmental support projects, various donors and a new name “For Social and Environmental Welfare” Berat.

The focus of this organization’s work has been to raise awareness of various segments of the population about environmental values, increase public awareness of various actors with the aim of policies and attitudes to improve the environment in which we live, preserve habitats, species, improve infrastructure, etc.

This organization works at the community level in coordination with the National Policies for the preservation and promotion of the historical, cultural, natural values ​​of the city but also of its Protected Areas. It supports projects at the local and national level by cooperating since 2013 with the Network “One Eye for the Environment” see: https://www.facebook.com/Nje-sy-per-mjedisin- network set up by REC-Albania, under the donation of the Swedish Government, and most recently part of the Albanian Network for Rural Development – ANRD (see: https://anrd.al/kreu/), with the desire to be involved in supporting successful models of the National Agenda rural perspective of rural areas.