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The Association for Gender Integration (FGIA) is a non-profit organization formally registered on 23 November 2003 and located in Dajt, Zall-Bastar. The association is a membership-based organization that brings together more than 310 male and female producers, advisors, and other rural stakeholders who pay an admission fee and an annual membership contribution. FGIA has a multi-disciplinary team, including lawyers, doctors, agronomists, livestock experts, sociologists, economists, and others, with extensive managerial experience and expertise. Although FGIA’s home office is located in Zall-Bastar, its branches and network of members are operational in other districts of the country.

With its experience of working with poor marginalized girls and boys from rural areas, as well as its expertise in addressing problems of poverty, discrimination, gender balance, domestic violence, livelihood, and participation of girls in decision-making, FGIA seeks to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. To achieve these goals, FGIA cooperates with other NGOs and participates in different networks to boost its working impact.

FGIA strives to contribute to environmental protection, poverty reduction, and unemployment prevention to prevent emigration from the community and improve the status of women and families in communities. It supports the development of agriculture, medicinal plants, livestock, and apiculture. FGIA has implemented a wide variety of projects funded by institutional donors, UN agencies, as well as international NGOs. Some of the most important donors include the Embassies of Australia, Slovakia, Norway, and Germany, USAID, Swiss Cooperation, FAO, ADA, and others.