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Dorcas Albania has been active in Albania since 1991.

The Dorcas Foundation operates in 18 countries worldwide and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Dorcas began its charitable work in Albania in late 1991, and in 1992, Dorcas Albania registered as a branch of Dorcas Netherlands, overseeing project implementation and monitoring in Albania. Dorcas operates in the Korce Region, Thessaly, and in TheSsaly. The main objectives of Dorcas Albania are to alleviate poverty through sustainable development, provide emergency relief in areas affected by natural or human-caused disasters, and offer social assistance to the most vulnerable people as part of rehabilitation and coordination programs.

Mission– invest in resilient and inclusive communities. In times of disasters or crises, the organization provides humanitarian assistance and supports communities in rebuilding themselves while also working towards structural solutions to poverty and social exclusion.

Dorcas Albania follows its own theory of change, intervening at three levels: individual, community, and social, with the main goal of unlocking people’s potential and supporting their rights to flourish, thus allowing communities to develop further. While involved in project implementation, Dorcas Albania collaborates with six partner organizations to carry out a significant portion of its activities. Historically, Dorcas Albania’s projects have spanned various sectors, including social projects, agriculture, health, employment and vocational training.

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