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“Dorcas Aid International” (DAI) foundation operates in 18 countries world over and the Head Quarters is based in the Netherlands. Dorcas started with its charity work in Albania at the end of 1991. In 1992, Dorcas Aid International” Albania was registered as a branch of “DAI” The Netherlands and took care of implementing and monitoring the projects in Albania. In January 1993 the activity of this organization has been officially registered by the decision of the Council of Ministers Nr.71 date 25.01.1993. Re-registration is done on June 10, 2002 by Court Decision No.47 of Tirana Court. The office of Dorcas Albania is located in Korca.

The objectives of Dorcas Albania are: 1- Alleviation of poverty through sustainable development; 2- Rendering of emergency aid in areas of natural disaster and man-made hostility, where possible, as part of or in combination with rehabilitation and reconciliation programs; 3- Rendering social care to the most vulnerable people.

The main approaches of the Dorcas Albania are: 1- Integrated Development; 2- Partnership; 3- Cooperation with Other Organizations; 4- Participation and Empowerment of Beneficiaries; 5- Mainstreaming Gender; 6- Lobby & Advocacy.

Actually, Dorcas Albania has worked on its Theory of Change which in its core has the intervention in three levels- the individual, the community and society level. The main purpose of this theory is to unlock the potential people have in themselves and make people and communities bloom and develop further.

Dorcas implements projects itself but also through Partner Organizations, which actually are six. Dorcas Albania works in Korca Region, Elbasan and Tropoja. Historically the projects have been in different sectors like social, agriculture, Water and Sanitation, health, Employment and Income and Vocational Training and Education and also relief projects.