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Green Vision Center is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization established on 02.03.2015 by the network of environmental organizations of Vlora, with national status and extension of its activities throughout the region of Vlora



Strengthening the voice of citizens and addressing their concerns in partnership with decision makers.



  1. Identifying social-environmental problems and addressing them to local and central government.
  2. Information and awareness raising of the community on social and environmental issues to improve the situation.
  3. Preserving natural resources, biodiversity, ecosystems and promoting them for sustainable development.



  • Identification of social and environmental problems.
  • Information and awareness raising of the community for the identified problems.
  • Addressing problems at local and central government.
  • Representation of community interests and priorities in local and central government.
  • Support of the local government for the drafting and implementation of important social and environmental strategies and projects in the community.
  • Promotion of culture, tradition and ecotourism in the community.
  • Scientific studies and research on nature, biodiversity, ecosystems and community.
  • Lobbying and advocating with the local government for solving problems in the interest of the community.




We stopped the construction of the oil well in the Vjose – Narte Protected Area, in a narrow strip of land between the sea and the lagoon, for the preservation of nature and the development of tourism in this area.

We stopped the concession of private parking in the streets of the city of Vlora due to abuses with citizens and legal problems of the contract.

We stopped the construction of 6 HPP dams on the river Shushica, from its source in the village of Kuc to Drashovica because 97.3% of residents were against their construction.

We built a functional model of the plastic waste management in villages of Vlora River in the Municipality of Selenice.