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“The House of Shepherd and Transhumance” is the union of two entities: the house of shepherd and the house of transhumance, both based on European and international labels. The association is led by Ms. Martine Wolff, currently a PhD student and anthropologist of pastoralism, who has dedicated her research to the extensive pastoralism study and the entire ecoculture created by the practice of transhumance.

The governing bodies of the association are:
• General Assembly
• Executive Board
• Shepherds’ Unit
• Local and International Scientific Council
• Interpretation Unit, which provides scientific expertise on issues arising from the practice by the Shepherds’ Unit and provides conclusions for problem-solving.

The members of the association include enthusiasts, experts in agriculture, in the areas of environment and human sciences, cultural operators, local elected officials, who wish to share their knowledge and skills to protect the practice of transhumance during the summer season as well as winter grazing and all other aspects associated with it as an early ecocultural practice passed down from generation to generation.

Our goal is to preserve and further develop this tradition, as well as to deepen and disseminate our heritage in this regard. Additionally, we aim to advance our knowledge, skills, and products for the benefit of practitioners, the local population, and society as a whole. We are open to establishing partnerships with all organizations that share the same concerns as us and have a common ethical foundation, in order to collaborate together.

Each partnering organization may delegate a representative to our association as a legal entity, representing its structure into our association. We are interested in safeguarding the extensive pastoralism and the practice of transhumance as a tangible and intangible ecocultural heritage. We also support pastoral communities in expressing in a unified way their problems and needs, while improving the efficiency of our work. We collaborate with all individuals, communities, and organizations with which we share the same territory.

The House of Shepherd and Transhumance also serves as an observatory and guardian of extensive pastoralism and the practice of transhumance. Our association is a center for interpreting pastoral cultures. The goal of our association is: Interpretation of European pastoral cultures in all highland territories, for improvement, education, and assistance to highland shepherd communities; We are a partner and promoter of the International Year of Pastoralism declared by the United Nations, as well as contributors and partners in preparing the joint application dossier for the protection of the transhumance practice in UNESCO.