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Today ANRD marks its 5th anniversary! It is time to reflect on our work and celebrate the achievements of ANRD as a strong voice in sustainable rural development in Albania.

ANRD has implemented important bottom-up advocacy initiatives for effective policies that are closer to the residents of rural communities, designed with their participation, understood and implemented together with the people in the territory. To deliver our mission, ANRD strives to play an active role in the reform processes of the agriculture and rural development sector, in particular in aligning with European policy of Community-led Local Development.

Our long-term vision of “Europe in Rural Albania” focuses our efforts to become a key player in driving forward processes and reforms that advance the interests and priorities of rural communities and accelerate such processes towards positive European practices.

#First Albanian Rural Parliament (2017)
#The Leader Approach and the 100-Village Program (2018)
# Civic Participation – A Critical Need for the 100-Village Program (2018)
#First Edition “Pro Rural Women” (2019)
#ANRD Rural Youth Hub (2019)
#Nationwide Consultation on Governance of Agriculture and Rural Development (2019-2020)
#Second Edition “Pro Rural Women” (2020)
#Civic Monitoring Report on National Plan for European Integration (NPIE)| Chapter 11, Agriculture and Rural Development.
#The dynamics of the Leader approach implementation and the way forward (2020)
#Regional Rural Forums #Drini#Arber#Vjosa#Egnatia (2020)
#Second Albanian Rural Parliament (March 3-5, 2021)

On this special day, we would like to announce that ANRD in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Tirana will organize the Second Albanian Rural Parliament on March 3-5, 2021.

We look forward to marking another milestone in our joint efforts in sustainable rural development.