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In the framework of the NAGE project – Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy – with the aim to institutionally strengthen grassroots CSOs’ capacities in fulfilling their advocacy mission in the rural and agricultural reform process, a series of Training of Trainers (ToTs) will be organized.

The training activities will be grouped around two main modules – “Generic management of rural CSOs” and “Program specific training (Advocacy and Green Economy) – divided according to specific themes, along the period September 2018 – March 2019.

Module 1  Generic CSO management training ToT 1.1 Transparent and Accountable governance

ToT 1.2 Planning and Reporting

ToT 1.3 Financial Management and funding diversification

Last trimester of 2018
Module 2   Program specific training – Advocacy and Green Economy ToT 2.1 Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking and Empowerment of Networks and their constituents

ToT 2.2 Green Economy and Green Entrepreneurship

First trimester of 2019

Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD). as the implementing organisation of NAGE project in Albania, announces the call for applicants in “Training of Trainers – Transparent and Accountable governance” that will be held on 24th – 25th September 2018, in Skopje, Macedonia. The Call addresses ANRD member organisations encouraging their staff and representatives to apply for and attend the training. Read more here. 

Download the Application Form.