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The resilience and strength of our rural communities are rooted in the remarkable contributions of women and girls. In Albania, approximately 40% of women actively engage in the agricultural sector, playing a vital role across the entire value chain. Despite this crucial contribution, disparities persist due to unequal access to land ownership rights, unpaid labor, informal employment, and entrenched gender stereotypes. These barriers impede their access to credit, investments, social and health insurance benefits, and inclusion in decision-making processes, thus stifling the growth, development, and formalization of their enterprises.

Continuing our annual tradition, the 2023 Pro Rural Women Edition convened nearly 100 rural women and girls on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, for the fifth years in a row. This gathering was an opportunity to delve into their concerns, highlight pressing priorities, and collaboratively outline measures that institutions can undertake to champion the well-being of women and girls in rural areas.

We are delighted to share with you the DECLARATION OF RURAL WOMEN AND GIRLS—an important document arising from the discussions during the 2023 edition. This declaration serves as an awakening call to address the gender financial gap and ensure an equitable future within rural communities. At ANRD, our commitment to the welfare of women and girls in rural areas remains unwavering. We pledge to continue our advocacy efforts, recognizing the invaluable role women play in agricultural and rural development.

We invite you to read the Declaration and reflect how you, along with other stakeholders, can harness its recommendations to effect tangible change for the well-being of women and girls in rural areas.

Click here to download the Declaration in English/Albanian