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The local forums “Networking for Participatory Rural Development”are organized in the frame of the project “Consolidation of the role of the Albanian Network for Rural Development toward a functional model of participatory and bottom-up perspective in national rural agenda”, funded by the European Union and implemented by Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), in partnership with AgriNET and AgroPUKA.

The local forums aim to identify, encourage and engage in the formulation processes and implementation of rural development policies and instruments, local initiatives of individuals, groups, associations, nucleus and various communities in rural development throughout the country. At the centre of the forums are initiatives related to socio-economic development of rural communities, agri-tourism, agri-business, cultural heritage, agriculture and family farming, slow-food, promotion of the territory, environment, handicraft, etc.

The local forums will be organized in the 12 cities centre-qark, and welcome all local actors engaged in such initiatives to meet and recognize their achievements and challenges, as well as their opportunities for participation, contribution and advancing of interests of the groups and communities they represent through networking in local and national level.

Here you can access the Programme, and the events calendar.