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The rural women`s life is like a mosaic composed by different parts, where women and girls play many roles. The Albanian Network for Rural Development for the first time is dedicating a photo album to the strong women belonging to agri-food sector. It aims to provide an overview of their unique and priceless contribution to social and economic rural life of Albania.

The album contains five stories of women entrepreneurs representing the regions of Puka, Elbasan and Kolonje, focused on their everyday life, work and free time challenges.

Flipping through the album you will meet the following characters:

– Flora and her sacrifices as family head in changing and by challenging with Kimza`s small village mentality;

– Marien from Gjegjani, a strong voice in local government causes and with relevant contribute to the finalization of a successful women’s group;

– Beruzen, who is co-managing a very successful extra virgin oil of olives factory by providing significant incomes not only for her family but also for the entire village of Shirgjan in Elbasan;

– Ledina, a very optimistic and positive woman who loves living and working in her village Kuqan;

– Marinela from Leskovik, eager to learn and improve her work day after day.

We are aware that women are important factors in agri-food sector, and no any progress can be made without their empowering in fighting the poverty and social exclusion. Therefore, it is important to support and prioritize efforts that incorporate and integrate gender equality into agriculture and rural development to reduce the gender gap. Rural communities must provide equal opportunities for all, women and men, girls and boys.

This photo album was made in the framework of the project “Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas and Tourism”, implemented by the Albanian Rural Development Network, together with UN Women Albania, funded by the Italian Government and in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

See the photo album.