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The second regional Training of Trainers (ToT) was organized from 17-19 April in Durres, Albania gathering around 18 representatives from partner organization of the regional project from the 6 Western Balkan (WB) countries.

After the first Regional ToT (held in February 2024) the second ToT was developed with the same approach: four modules developed along the three days of the ToT from professor at the University of Agriculture in Albania. The modules on Agroecology, Sustainable Horticulture, Organic Farming and Circular economy, are integrated in the toolkit that is the main document of the Farm to Fork Academy on Sustainable farming and Rural Development

Why in the frame of the project regional ToT are being developed?

This is the second regional ToT with representatives of the networks from the partner organization of the project. The agenda of the ToT was a combination of knowledge from academia, examples from real life, videos presentation and discussion, in this way each participants has the possibility to have an integrated raised capacities in four topics which are essential for the Farm to Fork Strategy implementation. Each ToT will gather new representatives from the previous ToT, and simultaneously the capacities of the CSOs of  the 6 WB countries will be raised and a unification of concepts understanding will be developed in the countries.

The Farm to Fork Academy establishment is a great Idea to catch the audience attention and interest” said Dejan Stojanovic from IN VIVO Skopje, North Macedonia

We are still at the begging in our countries with Green Agenda. The need to develop and strengthen knowledge in eminent. There is a clear need that the farms as much as CSOs be familiar with this approach, with the concepts related to Farm to Fork Strategy as they are in front line for driving the sustainable farming” said Ilinka Beatovic Nikic Rural Network of Montenegro

At the end of the regional ToT, certificates were distributed to the participant for completing the three days Training of Trainers. The Farm to Fork Academia established in the frame of the project will run two other regional ToT, meanwhile in each country of the project partner organization are being running the national Training, to transfer the knowledge gained along the ToT, in this way be informed with the rural networks in your countries to be part of the trainings

The second regional ToT on Sustainable Farming and Rural development is implemented in the frame of the regional project “Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans – Our shared European future” funded by EU and implemented by the consortium of the rural development networks in the 6 Western Balkan Countries and Croatia as well as by the regional cooperation platform the Balkan Network for Rural Development (BRDN).