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On 27 of August 2021, in the frame of NAGE Project, an activity took place in Ballaban of Përmet, “The Green Entrepreneurship’s Caravan 3”. The Caravan was conceived as a series of consecutive activities in the form of a caravan aimed at raising awareness of the public on the concept of green economy and entrepreneurship at the local and European level. 20 young participants in the caravan rural youth, representatives of rural CSOs, green entrepreneurs and farmers, students, journalists, green and innovative entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the member organizations of the Albanian Network for Rural Development travelled to Grand Albanik farm in the village of Ballaban, district of Përmet, 239 km South East of Tirana and 35 km form the Përmet town. The scope of the activity was to highlight the potential of green economy in socio-economic empowerment of youth and women as well discover and promote the model of the agritourism and Eco house in the rural zones. The participants visited and were hosted in the Grand Albanik farm and the eco – guest house, set up by two passionate people (Elona Bejo – architect and her late French husband – civil engineer) according to the principles of green and circular economy at the foot of Trebeshina Mountain surrounded by a magnificent nature. Please read he re a summary on the event.