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Project title Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans – Our shared European future
Funded by European Commission
Support to Regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organizations EuropeAid/174154/DH/ACT/MultiLot 3: Green and Digital Transition
Project region WB-6 Countries and Croatia
Lead organization Albanian Network for Rural Development
Duration 16.01.2023 – 15.01.2027
Budget 1,442,183.16 Euro

The regional project ‘Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans – Our shared European future’ involves the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. The Farm to Fork Academy Project – is jointly implemented by the family of National Rural Development Networks (NRDNs) in the six Western Balkan countries (WB-6) and Croatia and their regional cooperation platform Balkan Network for Rural Development (BRDN).

The project focuses on the implementation of the EU integration and approximation process in the WB countries in the agricultural and rural development sector by advancing the green and just transition in the region through the contribution of civil society actors.

It will do so by stimulating a better environment for CSOs and CSOs Networks and other rural stakeholders to proactively contribute in addressing societal challenges related to climate changes and biodiversity losses through building competencies able to assist farming and rural communities toward green and just transition across the region, whereas are able to sustain participatory and bottom-up consultation and constructive policy dialogue to accelerate the reforming process in approximating with EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP), in particular alignment with the EU Green Deal and F2F Strategy.

For more information, please read the fact sheet of the project Fact Sheet_Farm To Fork Academy project.