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Liljana Isakaj

Despite her profession as a teacher, Liljana ISAKAJ has been working as a coordinator for ADAD Malore for many years. ADAD is a member organization of ANRD, with 25 years of experience and consolidated profile in mountainous areas development such as Dibra, Korca, Kukes, Malesia e Madhe, Shkodra etc. Liljana has been at the forefront of many initiatives and projects that have supported farmers in mountainous area in terms of production, processing, promotion, diversification and evaluation.
Liliana not only represents a member of an agricultural family but her work and dedication to helping rural women have made her the epitome of a rural woman. Programs such as the “Assessment of Women and their Typical Mountain Area Products” included under the brand “Heart of the Mountain” make her feel proud to have contributed to the economic empowerment of rural women and girls. Being gender sensitive, as March started and Women day approaches, ANRD wants to thank Liljana for her contribution to rural development and especially to rural women. Liljana’s story inspires and encourages all actors to empower rural women and girls for sustainable development and a better and peaceful future.