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In an exciting development, the Rural Youth Hub – a dynamic group of young people committed to rural development in Albania – has broadened its horizons and become a member of Rural Youth Europe.

The “Europe Rally” is one of the main activities of the Rural Youth Europe (RYE), which has become an annual tradition since 1960, the year when this event started. This year, the rally took place in Klagenfurt, Austria, from July 30 to August 6.

During this important event for young people in European rural communities, the General Assembly of Rural Youth Europe was also held. 23 member organizations from twenty different European countries participated in the assembly. An important part of the agenda was the consideration of applications for membership in RYE, including the application of the Rural Youth Hub-RYH. For this reason, two representatives of RYH attended the meeting to introduce RYH, meet the members of RYE and learn more about the plans and visions of the two organizations.

Ilda Metani, the coordinator of RYH, and Gentjan Hajdari, board member of RYH, attended the meeting and introduced Rural Youth Hub, the history, main activities, visions, etc. and reinforce the request for membership in RYE. This request is in line with RYH’s commitment to promote and strengthen the potential of rural youth and to recognize their important role in the sustainable development of rural communities. By joining a well-known Rural Youth Europe, the Rural Youth Hub strengthens its position in discussions and contributions to rural development at the national and European levels. This membership will be beneficial in many ways, providing new opportunities for the voice of rural youth, as well as for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices with young people from across Europe.

In accordance with the rules for membership, the Assembly of RYE unanimously decided that the Rural Youth Hub will become part of the Rural Youth Europe as a candidate membership for the next two years. The membership represents a promising step to strengthen the voice and aspirations of young people in rural areas, in order to increase the impact of their work for a better future and opportunities in rural communities in Albania.