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The roundtable discussion  “Integrated Program on Rural Development and synergetic approach among stakeholders”, organised by Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD), took place on February 28, 2018.

The meeting aimed to bring to the attention of participating stakeholders a new paradigm on implementing participatory rural development through LEADER approach and EU policies in function of sustainable rural development of the country. The roundtable generated an interesting debate regarding the 100-villages program as a top-down instrument and paired with bottom-up movement from local actors.

Invited participants of this roundtable were representatives of central and local institutions, major public agencies, donors and international agencies, representatives of civil society organizations, academia, and other interested actors. Among distinguished  guests who greeted the event were Mr. Ilir Halilaj – Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Mr. Enea Hoti – Adviser to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ms. Almira Xhembulla – Member of the Parliament of Albania, and representative of the ‘Friends of Rural Parliament’; Ms. Nadia Kyuchukova – representative of the EU Delegation to Albania; Mr. Grigor Gjeci – Head of the Managing Authority of MARD.

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