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In the framework of NAGE project – Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy, the National Training “Transparent and Accountable CSO Governance” took place on the 21st November 2018, which was organized by the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD). ANRD is the implementing partner of the NAGE project which is being implemented by the consortium of rural networks in the Western Balkan countries.

Overall objective of the project is to provide support to enhance the policy and decision-making impact of BRDN and its constituents, through involvement in the agricultural and rural program and policy reform processes for introduction of the green economy concept.

The specific purpose of the training was to increase the capacities of civil society representatives in relation to the good governance of their organizations. Participants in the training exchanged and shared their experiences by assessing the importance of the knowledge gained about the transparent and accountable governance of civil society organizations.

This is the first of several trainings that will be offered in the framework of this project.