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CESVI was founded in Bergamo in 1985 and has been active in Albania since 1997.

CESVI started operating firstly in middle and southern Albania, including areas such as Saranda, Gjirokastër, Kumanovo, Delvina, Lushnja, and Fier. The organization initially focused on emergency interventions such as health, water and sanitation, and providing aid to refugees during the Kosovar crisis.

Mission-supporting vulnerable populations worldwide through emergency interventions, rehabilitation, and guiding the path to sustainable development. The organization aims to assist the most in need groups and collaborate with local authorities to improve services and capacity building, while also implementing new projects to develop the agriculture sector.

Since 2004 CESVI has been working in southern Albania, specifically in the districts of Përmet and Skrapar. The focus has been on promoting tourism, standardizing agri-food products, establishing a brand for typical and local products, creating new jobs, and improving the quality of life for rural populations. CESVI also collaborates with local organizations to establish sustainable models for tourism and food quality.

Adress: Përmet, Albania
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://www.cesvi.org/chi-siamo/