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The meeting “Animation for rural development of the local communities in Municipality of Mirdita” was held in Tenë, Malaj, with the participation of key community actors. Participants of this meeting were farmers and representatives of the Municipality, from the rural development sector. As rarely before, participant of this meeting was also Gjela Doda, 103 years old grandmother who contributed to the meetings’ discussions.

“Is already 103 years old and is in full health, stature as a cypress, with tanned cleaned clothes, typical for Mirdita’s ma’am, the person who comes from old centuries, on today and on tomorrow continues to serve as the main axis around which keeps coming around the big family counting 28 sons, nephews and nieces, where 16 members of this workers and hospitable home have finished their university studies”.

Held at the “Dodaj” agro-processing farm, the meeting aimed to present the invitees with the project and its expected results, and at the same time share with them key moments on the European perspective on rural development of farms in Mirdita.

The full article can be read here https://revista.mapo.al/e-rralle-gjyshja-103-vjece-merr-pjese-ne-seminarin-per-zhvillimin-rural/

The meeting was organized in the frame of “Animation for rural development of the local communities in Municipality of Mirdita”, supported by the Capacity Building and Advocacy Grant Program for Sustainable rural development in the Western Balkans, in the frame of the ALTER (Active Local Territories for the Economic development of Rural areas) project, and implemented by Network for Rural Development of Serbia, on behalf of consortium of partners: Development Foundation of Turkey; Network For Rural Development of Montenegro; Network for Rural Development of Macedonia; Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Institute for Democracy and Mediation, Albania; Network of Organisation for Rural Development of Kosovo; Croatian Rural Development Network and Latvian Rural Forum.