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The Integrated Program on Rural Development (IPRD), known as the “100 villages” program, marks a turnaround in the government policies and instruments that have been undertaken so far in the rural development sector, which had been mostly oriented toward agriculture through typical agricultural measures. Taking into consideration that this policy measure creates an enabling environment for public and non-public actors at local level to implement the LEADER approach, the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) organizes this roundtable to promote synergies at the policy level, while the same time to increase the impact of IPRD toward sustainable development. The meeting will take place on February 28, 2018, at the premises of hotel Tirana International.

Invited participants include representatives of central and local government institutions, major public agencies, and members of the Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee of the Parliament, donors and international agencies, representatives of civil society organizations, academia and other interested actors.

An important part of the Program, is also the discussion on the Commentary “The Leader approach and the 100-village program – A Complementary and Synergetic Approach to Integrated Development of Rural Areas”, which aims to enable and guide the discussions on the meeting.